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Are “floaters” normal in my vision? Print E-mail

The term “floaters” is used to describe a farily common visual occurance of the eye.  Vitreous humor is the liquid in the eye that gives it it’s size and shape.  For various reasons which include the natural aging process or eye trauma, the tiny fibers in the vitreous humor clump together causing deposits that shadow on the retina.  Since the retina is responsible for your vision, those tiny shadows cause grayish cobweb like images that float around in your vision when you move your eyes.  

For most these small shadows in your vision are harmless.  Besides being a little annoying, the brain for the most part can tune them out.  For some this occular phenomenon can indicate greater problems like retinal detachment which can lead to blindness if gone untreated.  If you experience changes in your vision due to floaters, sudden cloudy vision or flashes of light call to see one of our doctors at The Eye Works, Lake Zurich or Barrington. 

At The Eye Works, Dr. Ralph Gebert and Dr. Anthony Prate have treated countless patients who have come to them with concerns regarding floaters.  If there is a more serious issue at hand our doctors can refer you to the right specialist, as we work with many area ophthalmologists.   We accept Blue Cross Blue Sheild medical plans.  HMO members must get a referral from their primary care physician beforehand.  Call (847)540-1144 in Lake Zurich or (847)381-0391 in Barrington to schedule an appointment.  We have a doctor available 6 days a week and we do make same day appointments.  Make sure you take care of your eyes.  The best place for eye care is The Eye Works.  We’ve been caring for eyes for over 30 years.