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Vision is possibly the most important of all the senses. In fact, 80% of the information we receive every day is visual!

So, while we often take our vision for granted, it does have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Imagine what it would be like not to see all the colorful little details that make up your day—like the vivid details in a beautiful flower.

Good vision is critical. Without it is dificult to do even basic tasks, like see road signs, drive, or read a map, newspapers, menus or books

Low Light Vision
Most people notice the need for improved low light vision while reading a menu in a restaurant or driving at night. Varilux utilizes W.A.V.E. Technology™ to deliver measurably improved contrast sensitivity in low light situations.

Distance Vision
Poor distance vision can affect your ability to see road signs clearly, or enjoy movies or sporting events. Varilux lenses minimize distortion and guarantee the ultimate in visual sharpness enhancing distance vision.

Intermediate Vision
Having poor intermediate vision can impact your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle because it can affect your ability to see the gauges in your car. Intermediate vision is also important for seeing buttons on your television remote and cell phone or when using a computer. Varilux lenses offer wider fields of vision to enhance intermediate vision.

Near Vision
Near vision is important because it is critical to activities such as reading the newspaper, sewing or even reading a prescription bottle. Varilux lenses allow wearers to access near vision more comfortably and with greater sharpness.

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