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Crizal lenses with Scotchgard™ Protector eliminate all three enemies of clear vision – scratches, smudge/dust, and glare – providing you with lasting clarity of vision.

Crizal lenses with Scotchgard Protector are the premium anti-reflective (AR) or "no-glare" lenses available on the market today giving you:

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Vision is possibly the most important of all the senses. In fact, 80% of the information we receive every day is visual!

So, while we often take our vision for granted, it does have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Imagine what it would be like not to see all the colorful little details that make up your day—like the vivid details in a beautiful flower.

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Transitions lenses: the most convenient way to enjoy better vision, indoors and out, today and tomorrow.

Does the glare of the sun cause you to squint and strain your eyes?  Do your eyes sometimes get tired when you’re outside?  Do you sometimes have trouble seeing objects when the bright sun is shining?